November 10, 2014

New York State Bar Association:

Family Law Section Co-Chair, LBGT subcommittee, appointed January 2014

Pace Law School Center for Continuing Legal Education

Same-Sex Marriage: The Law and the Application April 10, 2014 & March 14, 2012

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Quoted in article, “Mark Fass: Family Court Denied Jurisdiction to Hear Same–Sex Support Issue,” New York Law Journal, page 1, May 29, 2009.
Quoted in article, “Joel Stashenko: State Panel Affirms Lesbian’s Duty to Pay Child Support,” New York Law Journal, page 1, August 6, 2010.
New York State Collaborative Law Professionals

Reported Cases (Trial Accomplishments)

Case affirmed, Adrienne served as trial and later as appellate counsel representing a mother of young two children defending her right to custody. The Appellate Division, Second Department has affirmed a Rockland County Family Court Judge who held that a non-legal, non-biological mother does not have standing to seek custody of the children over the objections of the biological mother; (see ,A.F. v. K.H., 2013-09947 (2d Dept 10-1-2014). The parents were never married; there was no second parent adoption, thus the petitioner who considered herself the other “mother” was not entitled to seek custody of the children.
The Appellate Division, Second Department has reversed a Rockland County Family Court Judge who held that a non–legal, non-biological, non-custodial mother would be entitled to child support from a far wealthier woman; (see, H. M. v. E. T, NY Slip Op 04240 (65 AD3d 119)( 2nd Dept 2009). The parents were never married nor did they ever completely file for or seek a second parent adoption. The New York Court of appeals reversed (see, H.M. v. E.T., 14 NY3d 521 (2010), returning the matter back to the Family Court for a hearing and holding that the biological parent may seek child support from her former same-sex partner in Family Court.

Case affirmed on appeal after a month long trial. A Partition action and long accounting was tried and then appealed. Case affirmed. The Appellate Division, First Department has affirmed a Supreme Court lower court decision, Partition action and long accounting finding no bias on the part of the referee who heard and determined the matter, including an award for expenses to be paid from the edits at sale to maintain the residence (see, King v King, 2006 NY Slip Op 03165 (28 AD3d 398) First Dept. 2006). Our clients were three of the four siblings who inherited real property from their parents. One owner collected rents and the other three paid to maintain the property Yet the one who collected the money did so to the exclusion of our clients, the other co-owners. A Partition action and long accounting was tried. Case affirmed.
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